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Child Relocation in Florida

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Check out this article by Attorney Beverly Vesel in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The article shows the importance of having an experienced attorney for Child Relocation cases.

Experience is Crucial in Handling Child Relocation Cases in Florida

A young women in her late 20's sat across from me at my desk. Erica poured out her story of how she married a man 8 years ago and had 2 young children by him. Amid tears she produced several pictures of her adorable blond haired boys, ages 4 and 2 . Her husband had moved the family to Florida for job opportunities that never really came to fruition.

I prodded Erica with some questions as I dug for the crucial issues. Yes, her husband had some substance abuse and anger management problems. His withering job opportunities due to the downturn economy left the family in a bad financial state. Erica desperately wanted a divorce from the "monster" that her husband had become. She wanted to be back with her family in New Jersey, and above all else, she wanted to raise her boys near her family with the assistance of her parents and siblings. It was also important to her that her boys go to a good pre-school and elementary school like she went to when she was growing up that she felt were better than the schools here in South Florida.

With some careful planning and guidance in the litigation process, I was able to get Erica and her two young boys the relocation that she sought. As I look back on her case, I distinctly remember some very critical turning points as her case progressed;

1. Showing the court that the majority of the factors of Florida Statute 61.13001 favor the Mother’s relocation with the minor children.

 2. Carefully choosing a Guardian Ad Litem to represent the minor children and to show that it would be in their best interests to be back in New Jersey with their extended family.

3. Meeting with the Guardian Ad Litem to ensure that he/she is aware of the issues and to ensure that the Guardian Ad Litem meets with the children’s therapist and parent’s therapists, if any.

4. Determining whether the children need therapy to cope with the issues involved or associated with the litigation.

5. Carefully considering the Father’s rights and his access to the minor children once they had relocated to New Jersey with their Mother.

6. Carefully monitoring the time constraints as delineated by Florida Statute 61.13001.

It is important to build the case around the best interests of the minor child or children and that the Guardian Ad Litem works with the attorney to ensure that the factors in Florida Statute 61.13001 are met and to show to the court that the child or children are better off relocating and being back with the love and support of their extended family. Further, it is also important to show that the Father’s rights are being considered and to make the best effort possible to ensure that the Father has access to the children for timesharing within the constraints of the distance and the expense of travel necessary to spend time with the child(ren).

The expertise and experience needed in child relocation cases in Florida requires a connection to the local legal community. This helps the attorney for the parent wishing to relocate with the minor children guide the case to a Guardian Ad Litem that the attorney is familiar with, understand the judge presiding over the case in order to know best how to present the case, and finally, to ensure that the factors of Florida Statute 61.13001 are presented in the best light favorable to the client.

Attorney Beverly Vesel is available to represent parents wishing to relocate with their minor child or children as well as those parents who do not want their child or children to relocate and will help guide a parent through what can be considered a high conflict litigation process.

(Any names and locations have been altered to protect the confidentiality of this client)

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